Anchor Drilling and Fixing

Anchor drilling and fixing techniques create rock solid fixtures and columns to maintain maximum stability and safety for your structures and machinery.

Our anchor drilling and bonding systems provide the ultimate anchoring profile - with a variety of methods and materials employed to maximise strength and durability of fixings:

1. Holes should be multi-grooved for reinforced concrete applications where resin bonding agents or grout can be pre-mixed and poured into holes.
2. Where heavier resins or grout is to be used, or where resin curing time is short, holes should be roughened across the entire surface.
3. If holes are machined with grooves the anchor will be capable of carrying at least twice its conventional load per unit depth if the bonding agent has a shear strength of twice the surrounding material and the total grooved height is equal to at least one quarter of the of the hole depth.

Our team has covered countless contracts where specialised anchor drilling and fixing has been required and you can count on our experience to complete your job safely and securely.