About Us

Our experience and geographical reach means we have delivered every kind of drilling, cutting, concrete work or demolition job imaginable. From million pound contracts down to drilling a single hole for a small business.

To help you work through these demolition jobs, anchor drilling, wall and floor chasing - whatever the contract requires - we have a technical management team of highly qualified, experienced people and a strong tool workforce. Many of these technicians and tool operators have more than 20 years of experience, so you are guaranteed the highest quality workmanship plus comprehensive Health & Safety back-up.

All our equipment complies with current legislation and is fit-for-purpose and we offer diesel, electric or gas powered tools to suit the specific conditions of your project. We also recognise noise and waste management can be a problem and have equipment that works at different noise levels.

Our commitment to providing the finest technical and practical applications to your pile work, brickwork, blockwork, concrete works, screeding, joinery, drilling, cutting and demolition jobs also extends to our apprenticeship programme; involving our young employees attending day-release and instructional courses at equipment supply sites to develop their skills and education in the field. We regularly add on small building tasks on larger contracts to prevent the time consuming job of getting another firm in to complete the work. Contracts will be carried on a Bill of Quantities, Design & Build, Schedule of Rates or cost plus basis and we are always anxious to provide our specialist knowledge at tender stage.

Our client base is extensive and includes most national contractors, Railways ,Defense,consulting engineers, electrical, mechanical and fit-out contractors.

We offer this additional service to existing contractors because we know how some building tasks can crop up as jobs progress. Calling upon us to fill that gap, instead of bringing in a new company altogether, avoids the need to draw up new purchase orders - helping you keep your project on time and to budget.

We do offer builders work on a general basis, too. Just call or e-mail us with your construction requirement and we’ll discuss how we can help you. We also remove walls and create openings when usage of buildings may be changing together with small packages of ancillary work, such as brickwork, concreting, screeding and joinery.