Diamond Floor Sawing

Sawing trenches in asphalt or cutting through concrete floor slabs and masonry is achieved with state of the art diamond floor sawing machinery.

With the use of a bespoke diamond blade and an electric or hydraulic drive motor on a fixed track ; operatives can saw openings, structural gaps and cut break-lines for trench excavation in a clean, straight cut - even in steel reinforced concrete - and leave a minimal reinstatement job.

The work can be completed quickly and quietly while your building continues to operate, particularly useful in buildings such as offices and supermarkets. As the cut is so precise and sharp there will be little or no reinstatement work and therefore additional expense.

With the ability to cut to 500mm in depth our floor sawing machines can also cut flush to existing structures. The three-phase electric floorsaws can cut through virtually any material and are environmentally-friendly, being noise and fume-free. Our diamond floor saw is usually self-propelled and gives an accurate, sharp cut in the concrete slab or asphalt base material.

Our operators are highly-trained ensuring cuts are created precisely where you want them; in applications such as expansion joints, openings in concrete slab floors and road maintenance. Soft Strip and Light Demolition Lighting and soft strip demolition is a specialised skill and We have extensive experience in carrying out the dismantling process in addition to the removal of waste