Diamond Wire Sawing

A steel wire, coated in diamonds gives diamond wire sawing technique a problem solver when cutting into thicker materials.

The technique involves pulling a diamond-beaded wire loop through materials reinforced concrete, masonry or metal using a system of pulleys, all activated by an electric or hydraulic drive unit.

This quiet, vibration-free technology cuts through even the thickest concrete or metal materials leaving only a smooth, straight surface in the exact shape you require for your refurbishment or demolition project to comply fully with environmental and health and safety regulations.

Our teams can de-rate buildings and strip out building internals in an organised and precise manner; either as part of a major building refurbishment programme or in preparation for demolition.

Interior stripping activities include the removal of all non-load bearing partitions, floor coverings, temporary floors and ceilings, M&E (mechanical and electrical) systems such as lighting, heating, ventilation, cables, cable trays, and air conditioning systems. We will also deal with the disconnection and removal of utilities, including gas, electricity, water and telecommunications.